Thursday, July 20, 2017

Poster Comes to Life

Beyond Personae artwork by Kat Hudson

Beyond Personae backstage pic by Alexander Geist

If you've missed out on the BEYOND! salon series, then I am very sorry for your loss. This month we went BEYOND! Personae with Fancy Chance, GFOTY and ShayShay, my identical twin brother hosted. It was a very funny, very provocative evening, I'm really enjoying presenting these salons ESPECIALLY as we have a fully female/trans* line-up for the series. They have been a incredibly useful research tool, to think about how performance builds, to consider its limitations, and to reconsider the triangulation between artist - performance - audience. All of the material gathered in the salon series is going into the creation of a brand new piece for the And What? Festival in October, full details of which are coming soon...In the meantime there will be one more salon BEYOND! Noise to come =)