Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Here in Manchester I've been busy under the tutelage of my drama coach, Colette (still not bored of saying it). Today we spent two whole sessions pulling the text apart to find the different voices (poised, relaxed, aspirational, and faux-apologetic), the accompanying physicality, and of course the subtext. I can exclusively reveal that 2D Joan is heavily stage managed and manipulated by those in the shadows, and unexpectedly sociable, almost effervescent in her love of sharing gossip with strangers (especially if they've been wheeled out for a photo op).

This is the script looking turbulent. My drama coach Colette, not pictured

Also of note, my sister arrived today in preparation of her feature film debut. Having played a role in last year's documentary on Alexander Geist fans ("Hello Lover!") she's had some experience with the biz, but tomorrow marks a change in direction for her career. It's her first dramatic role, and she's changed her professional name to Bethany Rose, so look out for her imdb page and Best Supporting Actress nomination, coming soon. She's also been busy with a face mask, to get that picture perfect look

Celebrity beauty treatment

So that's all for today. I'm hoping in the bath tub with a bag of revels and Episode Two of "Six Degrees of Joan Crawford" to get in the movie star mode. Tomorrow we are making motion picture history on the set of "182 cm Queenie"!