Monday, May 30, 2016


Well, well, well. It's finally happening. GEIST is coming to the Arcola July 2 & 3.

With nods to film noir, rock documentaries and conspiracy theories, GEIST explores my core themes of gender and identity, but from a brand new vantage point. A radical departure from my previous work, a move from absurdist cabaret and autobiographical performance, into interdisciplinary theatre. I have developed the alter-ego of Alexander Geist over a five-year period, culminating in this eponymous piece. Originally a live art performance, in the vein of Sophie Calle and Rose English, the persona of Alexander Geist was devised to externally examine my own place in the world, and to discuss notions of performative masculinity. Initially intended for presentation in gallery spaces and live art venues, the charisma of the character and the insistent quality the songs he wrote, led to requests for Alexander Geist to appear in nightclubs and at festivals, programmed on line-ups with iconic artists such as Peaches, Lee Ronaldo, and The Hidden Cameras. The success of these shows led to three magazine covers, four singles, and five-years of international touring, with Geist appearing everywhere from Tokyo to Rio. In GEIST the persona has come full circle, back to an experimental theatre setting, in which all of the materials, footage, images and videos created over the past five years are reworked into an nightmarish narrative, blurring the line between fantasy and reality.