Sunday, February 21, 2016

Geist Tour

Hello lovers!
I'm on the road again with my identical twin brother and occasional lover, Alexander Geist, this time we're in Tokyo!

We just performed a small, acoustic show at a hairdresser's salon in Daikanyama, which was quite a departure from the usual dandy-techno vibes we throw. It was pretty interesting to see how electronic music translates when it's stripped back, it tells you so much about your skills as a songwriter. Here's a couple of pictures, with thanks to the charming Boy Attic for having us!

Next up, we'll be back to business (there's always business) at Tokyo's most famous gay party, Fancy Him. And lol of lols my old home girl Jodie Harsh from NY and London,is playing too!

Back to Europe for a very special show in March! Ciao for now.