Monday, November 9, 2015

Top 5 quips: Penny Arcade

I love a quip, an anecdote, a bon mot. I believe that in their brevity, they contain not only the soul of wit, but a summary of a thinker's style and philosophy. Penny Arcade is the reigning queen of the one-liner, and in her new show "Longing Last Longer", she served up a plethora of them. These were my top five lols.

On fashion cycles:
"People today hate history, but love vintage."

On deceptive marketing:
"Perpetual youth, a concept which is both impossible, and tacky."

On censorship, and the 't' word:
"We're burning books, one word at a time."

On British rage:
"When people here are in a bad mood, you just go charging into people on the High St."

On cupcake eating airheads:
"Sex and the City taught them to walk four-a-breast, even if there's eighteen of them!"

"Longing Lasts Longer" is on now at The Soho Theatre.