Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Yo Sissy!

I can hardly believe this is happening! Berlin's first international queer music festival is LANDING. And look at that line up! CRYSTAL WATERS? Aerea Negrot? David Hoyle? Jonny Woo? And they just added Peaches - her first show in Berlin for 5 years no less. Natürlich, my brother Alexander Geist, will be playing on the last day of the festival because it wouldn't be a party without him now would it?

The festival is brought to you by Pansy and Scout, two of Berlin's hardest working, most relentlessly ambitious scene queens who have lit up the city's nightlife with their presence. It's wonderful to see such a homegrown initiative like this scale such giddy heights, and come out swinging on an international scale. Kudos to them for their immense work, here's a chatette with them up on the blog of our dear pals at Out There magazine.

And here's the timetable for Sunday, where you can see Alexander Geist play live. It's a homecoming show, the first gig in Berlin of 2015, after shows in Brazil, Istanbul, London, Utrecht and Paris. Simply cannot wait.

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