Thursday, March 26, 2015

You Are Boring!

Here's an extract from Vika Kirchenbauer's film, "You Are Boring!" in which I cement my status as an icon of underground European experimental art house cinema. The full meisterwerk should be unveiled any minute now.

YOU ARE BORING! - Vika Kirchenbauer (2015) _2D excerpt: Mysti + La JohnJoseph from Vika Kirchenbauer on Vimeo.

I had the most wonderful time rehearsing and filming this, everybody involved was adorable and inspiring, and I really felt the reverberations of working on this for a long time. It was such an intellectually rigorous, emotionally sensitive production, and we were all spoilt terribly with incredible food and a fair amount of cuddles throughout the proceedings. I can't wait to see the whole film!

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