Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Practically Royalty, 15th Aug 2015

I'm excited to share this new show with London, this Summer. It's going to be a totally unhinged mixture of songs and spiel, working a very acidic character angle into a satirical froth. I shall unveil a new vision for England, guided of course, by voices from the other side.Don't ask, just come and bear witness.

Photo by Bruce Atherton and Jana Chiellino

It's 2015, take a look around; the country is in tatters, barbarians are at the borders of Europe, and you can't get a decent soy latte for under £3.50. The only person who can save us from ourselves is cabaret starlet and neoliberal sweetheart La JohnJoseph. Half despot-in-waiting, half hostess trolley and all glamour, La JohnJoseph is the thinking man's social climber. A toxic mix of the Empress Agrippina and Hyacinth Bucket, prepare yourself for a blisteringly satirical, deliciously malicious political agenda, as La JohnJoseph takes the welfare state in-hand once and for all, and makes Britain great again! More delusional than Nigel Farage and more duplicitous than all the members of the cabinet combined, La JohnJoseph is here to better you, whether you want it or not.

TKTS HERE: http://www.southbankcentre.co.uk/whatson/la-john-joseph-practically-ro-91358

‘Surely the artistic love child of William Blake and Penny Arcade...what is very clear is that this is a star is in the making and he knows it’ The Stage

‘An icon in the making’ Time Out

‘A non-stop explosion of individual personality’ The List

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