Friday, March 13, 2015


He's done it again! The third single from my identical twin brother, Alexander Geist, came out this week on New Pangea Records.

Rather uniquely, the single is released as a handwritten love letter, to be mailed out to fans across the globe, complete with a photograph and download code. Naturally the press are just wild about it!

Out There write that Geist, "Seems to have truly come of age, bringing a slick sound and arresting video," and have a tasty little interview with him here.

Lujon claim that he, "Inexorably manages to conjure an incredibly visual soundscape," in their feature, which you can read here.

Queer Music TV are also showcasing the video here.

But the icing on the cake is really this piece from QX magazine, which goes as far as saying, "With a broken heart and a panther's growl... 'Malediction' is a queer pop ballad for the mephedrone generation." And even I get a mention in the article above Geist's review - how nice!

You can order your handwritten love-letter from Alexander via or get the download from New Pangea.

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