Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Espresso Martini

I'm not much of a drinker, alcohol makes me too morose, or perhaps, even more morose. I also have to be extremely disciplined with my coffee intake, as caffeine makes me wildly over-excited and borderline psychotic. So maybe you wouldn't immediately leap to the conclusion that combining booze and java would be a good thing for me; but it is, in the form of the espresso martini.

If there is a promotional campaign to be launched for this velvet conduit in a glass I would like to front it, if there is a magazine advertorial to be shot, I would like to be smirking front and centre. They say you shouldn't mix your uppers and your downers, but what do they know? Have they considered how the caffeinated rush in the cocktail allows me to confidently hold forth with all those profound realisations the alcohol within helps me elucidate? With an espresso martini in my hand I feel bold enough to decide on tiling my bathroom in marble, and drunk enough to do actually do it.

Not that I'm suggesting we rush into things wildly, certainly we should talk things over, over a few of these frosted, creamy alcofrolic tipples! I'm the kind of person who lives life, or tries to. Maybe I've been too timid previously, but the past is the past, you know? So let's talk and see where we are and then just improvise from there, cocktail glass in hand, and just go with it.

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