Sunday, November 30, 2014


As we come around the corner, and face the final furlongs of 2014, I'm happy to say we will be welcoming Weihnacht with a literary salon at VOGUE FABRICS in London. I shall be presenting some verbatim monologues (how on trend!), some microstories (which I premiered at Hashtag back in March) & of course reading from my yummy, steamy novel "Everything Must Go".

Joining me on the bill, Katherine Angel will share a section from her book, "Unmastered" (Allen Lane).

I'm also thrilled to receive Rupert Smith, who will be reading from his new novel "The Interlude" (Turnaround Books)

Plus, DJ GRAN will make her UK debut after many successful club sets across Europe!!

And Cilla will be there too of course!

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