Sunday, November 30, 2014


As we come around the corner, and face the final furlongs of 2014, I'm happy to say we will be welcoming Weihnacht with a literary salon at VOGUE FABRICS in London. I shall be presenting some verbatim monologues (how on trend!), some microstories (which I premiered at Hashtag back in March) & of course reading from my yummy, steamy novel "Everything Must Go".

Joining me on the bill, Katherine Angel will share a section from her book, "Unmastered" (Allen Lane).

I'm also thrilled to receive Rupert Smith, who will be reading from his new novel "The Interlude" (Turnaround Books)

Plus, DJ GRAN will make her UK debut after many successful club sets across Europe!!

And Cilla will be there too of course!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Lez spend a lil time together this Fall

If like me, you're a busy working Mom to a coupla cute guinea pigs, you'll know that this time of year is full of seemingly endless tasks! There's those Halloween decorations to deinstall, all those spelt treacle tarts to bake, those bonfire parties to supervise, and those Christmas hampers to pre-order. Gee whizz! That's a lorra lorra werk! So why don't you grab some time for YOU this Autumn? Take some quality time out, to relax in the company of your favourite subcultural icon - ME. And as if that wasn't enough, my identical twin brother and occasional lover Alexander Geist, will also be shining onstage all the way through to Hannukah.

Image by Claudia Kent

La JohnJoseph Dates

Nov 6th: Late Supper @ Hoi Polloi (Shoreditch High St, London)

Join me and the long-suffering Jordan Hunt, as we deliver a selection of the finest piano classics, and astute cultural insights, at Shoreditch's most delectable eatery. It's free and you can even come in your pjs (it's a look isn't it?)

Nov 8th: Dyke in the Pit @ Rose Lipman Building (DeBeauvoir Rd, London)

As part of the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival Fringe, Jill Reiter will be showing her unfinished film "In Search of Margo-go", only with the missing scenes presented live by a bunch of misfits, including myself and Oozing Gloop. The look is new wave/no-wave, so sharpen your eyeliner, and your fringe whilst you're at it.

Dec 3rd: Talking Heads @ Vogue Fabrics (Kingsland Rd, London)

Literary luminaries abound as Katherine Angel (author of "Unmastered") and Rupert Smith (author of "Interlude") join me for readings of their yummy steamy novels. I will be reading from my own bonkbuster "Everything Must Go", and maybe even presenting a few new character monologues. I'd say, wear a turtleneck for this one, it strikes just the right balance between intelligentsia and #normcore.

Dec 10th: Schwuz (Rollbergstr, Berlin)

Joy of joys, I will be DJing at Joey Hansom's "PopularMusik" party at Berlin's friendliest pick-up joint. Expect Sheryl Crow remixes and seamless segues between TV theme tunes and rediscovered pop gems. Wear sportswear, smoke too much, lose your jacket and fight with the cloakroom attendant.

Image by Paula Harrowing for BEIGE

Alexander Geist Dates

Nov 19th: The Irrepressibles Afterparty (Hoxton Bar & Kitchen, London)

After the final show of The Irrepressibles' "Nude" tour, Alexander Geist (and MJ Woodbridge) take to the stage to celebrate, with a little night music. The event is free with a ticket to the Irrepressibles gig, but is first come, first served.

Nov 20th: David Hoyles' "Illustration" (RVT, London)

Queer icon David Hoyle is hosting another of his seminal series at the RVT, so expect verbal pyrotechnics and maybe even actual pyrotechnics. It's live art, so who knows? What is sure is that Alexander Geist will be the Divine Mxr Hoyles' special guest, and will sing a triptych of future classics.

Dec 12th: Party Sahne (Schwuz; Rollbegrstr, Berlin)

Gloria Viagra has invited the disco darlings back to her monthly party for more glamorous good times. It's going to be a full-set with a new line up, and outrageously brilliant pelvic thrustings.

Dec 14th: Icky (Ficken 300; Hermmannstr, Berlin)

Rounding off the year with some smooth jazz at Berlin's most elegant establishment, Alexander Geist will be soundtracking the nocturnal squelchings of the demi-monde. There'll be a smattering of Tina (Turner) and a lot of love.