Saturday, September 28, 2013


The Autumn has truly bestowed herself upon us and I have started to grow out my hair. The Fall is the perfect time for this, free as we are from Summer´s sticky clutches, abandoned as we are to Winter´s ravenous emptiness looming up ahead. In Autumn there is such a pleasant slowness in the air, as nature goes to sleep, as the trees shed their leaves, as the birds flock away, and I grow out my hair.

What else is there to do but acknowledge that the year is ending and that everything we leave behind us is lost for good? We can only look at those leaves as they tumble, and try to find a gentle pleasure in the beauty of that very moment, even as it takes us ever farther from the sun. All we can do it acknowledge that decay is necessary to the nature of regeneration, and grow our hair as the nights draw in close and earlier around our shoulders.

Autumn opens up the gate between the seasons, and between the worlds of the living and the dead, it gives us the perfect opportunity to transform, so I grow my hair as I remember the dead who departed in the Fall. I remember the living too, and as my curls spill into my eyes I name them for the loved ones who can love me no more.