Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tour Diary PT 4

This is my lovely wardrobe

This is the view from atop my loverly wardrobe

After another delightful twelve-hour day I am sitting down to write to you, dear reader. What has come to pass in the past few weeks? Well, the expected tantruming, teching and tedium really. Oh and I joined a gym so now I can swim (theoretically, say if a day had 160 hours). Basically we are crammed into our little room ALL day, flicking lights on and off, meticulously placing sound cues and attempting to perform costume changes in alarming short pauses between scenes. Who wrote this? Oh wait.

Due to ongoing building works we are about two days behind schedule, and our press preview is tomorrow night. Sometimes we have no power in the space and so our lighting tech just...grinds to a halt. And obviously we have no heating. Occasionally the sound of drilling obscures the piano, and the building of the set, which is still taking place means that the backdrop is actually being erected above my semi-nude self as I rehearse a scene. It brings to mind Carole Schneeman's "Olympia" doesn't it?

Schneeman rulez 4 eva

My foot is horribly painful, and the smoke machine (don't ask) is causing me to splutter constantly and generally feel as though I have been gargling battery acid for a month. I am choosing to see all this as an exciting challenge, just like that part in the Beyonce documentary where she's locked out of her rehearsal space by the police and so has to choreograph 400 dancers for a live TV performance in a car park. JUST like that.

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