Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tour Diary PT 2 (Not actually yet on tour)

These shoes are dangerous to womankind

Being that it's Lent and I have a gluten intolerance, I am eating a lot of berries, let's get that straight. No cake for me, just horribly expensive trips to Whole Foods to find dehydrated vegetable crackers and the like. At said mecca of flavorsome bankruptcy inducers, I met my co-star in "Boy in a Dress", Erin, earlier today. We had lunch and spoke of the good old days (ie six months ago) when we all lived together for the duration of the Edinburgh Festival. What fun THAT was! Since then she has apparently being eating a paleolithic diet and attending mass in New Zealand, which I suppose explains that primitive mysticism she exudes.

Our production manager Maud and design assistant Naomi were also onsite today, figuring out how to create enough dresses out of paper to last the length of the tour without A) deforesting all of Latin America or B) driving ourselves entirely 'round the twist. I was expecting a phone call from a nice journo at The Liverpool Echo today, but sadly they had the wrong number so I didn't get to say anything embarrassing or libelous today :( Oh well, we're rescheduled for Monday. (My identical twin brother and occasional lover Alexander Geist however did manage to squeeze in an interview with Sarah Chew for a piece she is writing for The Independent - but that's just because he's an attention seeker).

Other highlights of the day included falling up the main staircase of the Battersea Arts Centre in gold platforms and inflicting a particularly unpleasant toe sprain upon myself. I had to spend the last third of the day wrapped up in fur (against the ice cold chill that runs through the theatre) reciting my lines from a chair, with one leg propped up on a space heater - very Elizabeth Taylor circa 2002. It's Valentine's Day and I am smoochless and icing my bruised foot - not the romantic evening I was hoping for. On the upside I had an STI test this week and don't have the clap, so it's not all bad.

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