Saturday, February 23, 2013

PT 5 (in which I make it onstage - just)

The world's most attractive make-up artist, Vinny.

I think that the past two weeks of rehearsal have been just about the most difficult I have experienced. The renovations combined with my health hiccups have really taken it out of me. I came very close to canceling the show last night, and almost think it might have been better to. When you are onstage you feel both a responsibility to your audience to deliver, and a responsibility to yourself to present yourself at your full potential, so when you are limping slightly and have lost about a third of your singing range, well, it's a little embarrassing. I can say that all of the swimming, pilates and yoga paid off because physically the show was twenty times easier than last time, I was never out of breath coming out of a strip into a monologue, and I found clambering over the set in those accursed shoes very manageable.

My co-star Anna Hutchinson from Australia

On Monday we are pulling out of the big smoke and journeying to Liverpool for the first real shows of the tour. I'm excited to see what travel brings to the show, to see if a month long Travelodge experience can live up to my fantasies.


Joanna Straczowski said...

I really loved tonight's show! Most beautiful Patti Smith cover! Thanks!!!

La JohnJoseph said...

Thanks so much Joanna! x