Thursday, January 17, 2013

Male Model Alter Ego

As things go, I signed with a model agent, Tomorrow is Another Day. They're doing some really great shizz (including bookings for the Lanvin, Barneys and er, Topman campaigns). So now I am officially like, really pivotal in contemporary culture, and shit. Castings so far for Prada and Rick Owens, jobs so far, nil. Let's see what happens next! Unsurprisingly, Eva who founded the agency is probably the coolest woman in the world, and you can read about her here in Dazed if that's your bag.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Love letter to Julie Burchill

Burchill, shortly before she was matryred for her faith

Julie Burchill - what a travesty you are.

Get a grip you outlandish cretin, you may have risen to the top of the cesspit of British journalism (and with such self-aggrandising aplomb!) but really now, is there any need to imitate the big boys you claim to be rallying against, so TOTALLY?

Viciously grinding down people who are not-quite identical to yourself in such a barbaric, coldly provocative, sub-sitcom style is by turns ruthless and pathetic. The insults barfed out from your loathsome trap do not even bear repeating, because they are so profoundly idiotic and outlandishly tacky.

You are the Jimmy Saville of the Broadsheets, you are no feminist, you are a bad joke, and an out dated, offensive, deeply distasteful waste of paper. Paper which would be better used to embalm you in your own papier-mâché of hatred in which you should be delivered to a kindergarten full of those "wretched inner-city kids" and devoured in a manner as histrionic and repulsive as your own scrawlings.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Boy in a Dress on a tour bus

Well, here we are again. The lovely humans at Arts Council England have coughed up the funds for a UK tour of my hit show, "Boy in a Dress" which rolls out Feb-March. I am quite excited really, having never been to Bristol before. See you there lover!

Tour Dates

26.02 : Unity Theatre, Liverpool

28.02, 01.03 and 02.03: Bristol Old Vic, Bristol

05.03 and 06.03: Contact Theatre, Manchester

08.03: The Marlborough, Brighton

14.03, 15.03 and 16.03: Battersea Arts Centre, London

Production shot by Ami Nouvel