Saturday, November 10, 2012

Penny Arcade as a lipgloss

This lipgloss is from the Nars/Warhol collection, it's called Penny Arcade. Think about that for a moment, commerce, commodification, cosmetics. Is this a celebration or a counter-culture cash in, or both or neither? Can we celebrate Ms Arcade through a lipgloss which presumably she will see no financial recompense? I'm trying. I think there's something magical in wearing a lip color named for an artist who uses words so powerfully, and that I will be sure to have conversations, which start with something inane like, "That's a nice lipgloss," and that maybe these chats will even lead some unconnected passer buying a ticket to see Bitch! Dyke! FagHag! Whore! at The Albany next month. I also like the idea, being a protege of Ms Arcade, of in some way becoming possessed, speaking in the voice of my mentor, the ideas she has provoked in me passing through this glossy orifice. Just some thoughts, feeling as I am bewitched by the turn of the seasons.

This is Penny Arcade, not as a lipgloss.

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