Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Back in a dress

Pic: Jordan Hunt being an absolute tart in MY dress!


"Boy in a Dress" returns for two nights, Nov 16 & 17 at the Bush Theatre, London as part of the RADAR festival of new writing. I prefer old writing myself, the Dead Sea scrolls, Gore Vidal's memoirs, hieroglyphics, Edith Sitwell poems, etc, but we do what we can, don't we?

In case you missed out, here's what the members of the press said, last time.

"A non-stop sensory explosion of individual personality" - The List

"Surely the artistic love child of William Blake and Penny Arcade....what is very clear is that this is a star in the making and he knows it." - The Stage

"Incisive, witty, moving (a) high-heeled, low-living clusterfuck of sex, class, religion, gender, identity and ideology." - Time Out

And to ice the cake, love of my lunch, Jordan Hunt is back from his European Tour with Baby Dee and Little Annie, to MD the show!

More about the show here: http://lajohnjoseph.com/boyinadress/boy-in-a-dress/

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