Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Poem

It was nice to love you for a little while,
completely by chance,
like a hamburger wrapper blown across your path catching the front of your shoe.
It was nice to feel like I wasn't,
to not be,
but rather that i had succeeded in being,
and being something you desired,
I also desired to be.
How often does that happen?
Not defined by my lack,
not summoned into being by what I was without,
not commodified,
not mauled and pandered to,
not something sacred or wicked or needing to be dealt with,
Just organic matter that twitched in its very own manner.
And loved for it,
completely by chance.

Monday, May 28, 2012

"Bad Language"

Alexander Geist's new video went up today Spex called it, "an erotic performance and a political rebuke," which is nice. Directed by Sean Moxie, the video is an anti-Jubilee flick book of images which define contemporary Britain; complete with its class warfare, sham government, arms trade and unjustifiable monarchy. And here it is:

Boy (back) in a Dress

Well, here we are again. After the wonderful run of "Boy in a Dress" in February at Oval House, and the incredible feedback we got from press and audiences alike, I'm very happy to say that we will mount a revised version of the show for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August. Everyday at 4.20pm at Strand 3 from August 2nd - 26th I will be onstage delivering that mix of monologue, music, mischief and misanthropy that has served me so well.

In order to make it happen we are running a crowdfunding campaign here: through which we have already raised over £700, ie almost 25% So, lover, why not chuck a fiver in my virtual direction? Furthermore today is Pentecost, so let us celebrate both endeavors with this backstage picture by psychic love guru, and sometime paparazzo, Anna Lewenhaupt.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Gilbert and George's baby boy

This popped up on Artstars this wknd, the charming claim that my dear friend Alexander Geist is the spawn of the art world's very own Addams Family, Gilbert and George. Schön.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Alexander Geist

Here is the 7" release of "Bad Language" the debut single from my morose-disco soul singing twin brother, Alexander Geist. It comes out on May 18th - ie TWO WEEKS today on Haute Areal Records. EXCITEMENT! In other news, the Berlin daily newspaper, Berliner Zeitung, wrote this week: "der für seine erotische Schlechtgelauntheit bereits jetzt vielgeliebte Disco-Soul-Debütant Alexander Geist" which translates roughly as "Disco-soul debutant, Alexander Geist, is already famous for his erotic bad moods." I don't fully understand the sentiment, but I enjoy the implications.