Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Alexander Geist 7" release


Alexander Geist is bringing out a 7" purple vinyl on Haute Areal Records on May 18th. The record is called "Bad Language" it is produced by Joey Hansom and will feature "What I Mean To You" as the b-side. A release concert will be held on May 18th at HBC in Berlin with support from Dievondavon and DJs Joey Hansom and Dario.

The tracks can be previewed below, and will stream in full from May. The first review is from Spex and is here: http://www.spex.de/2012/04/19/haute-areal-high-five-vinyl-mary-ocher-stankowski-justine-electra/

In addition to the 7" there will be a digital download (including a "clean" mix) of course.