Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Genius stylist and art director Oleg Mitrofanov created this outrageously beautiful new set of tarot cards, as recently featured on AnOther Magazine's site. Co-starring myself and a whole slew of beauties including Sue Tilley, Velvet D'Amour and Anna Lewenhaupt, the cards where shot over two days in London earlier this year and investigate the theatricality of opera as a metaphor for the function of fashion in contemporary visual culture. Word is the US Vogue will be featuring the cards this Fall, so big things are on the way for Mr Mitrofanov, who is also junior editor at Acne Paper.

PLUS! Today is his birthday, so happy birthday to you old darling!

You can see the full set of cards here, before the world goes crazy for them: http://www.olegmitrofanov.com/info/eroteme.html

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