Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Alexander meets Max Steele

Alexander met Max Steele on behalf of Out There magazine, for the fifth in what is becoming a deeply compelling interview series. See for yourself.

The unbearable glamour

Here's a clip from the Tranny Hotel project, with thanks to the Exchange Radical Moments Festival

Friday, June 17, 2011


Alexander has a new interview up now, with UK queer zine Out Spoken. Here's a brief extract:

What achievement are you most proud of?
I won a Blue Peter badge when I was a child, that was really something. The only thing that I am more proud of is reading The Sound and The Fury all the way through without even throwing myself out of the window once.

What advice would you give your younger self?
Just because Madonna does it, doesn’t mean it’s cool.

And here's the full thing: http://outspokenuk.wordpress.com/2011/06/13/behind-the-scene-alexander/

Sunday, June 12, 2011


L-R Mandy Romero, Joan Crawford, Regina Fiz in Köln

Literally, just back from Tranny Hotel in Köln, which you can watch back at http://11moments.org/live/ in fact. There were many challenges in presenting English language texts to a German audience, in what transpired to be a Catholic guest house adjoined to Church - St George by coincidence. The hotel insisted that the art come off the walls at specified times when the priests would be in that part of the building, and some of the less open minded members of staff threw out the fliers.

Of course it wasn't just the kind hearted Christans, the local trans community were apparently horrified by the publicity images (previously posted on this blog) especially of Regina Fiz slumped next to a urinal, and Bridge Markland's taped nipples. The community felt it didn't represent the image they wanted to project - but, honestly who ever said it should? The images represent individual artist's and their output. None of us ever said we stand for anything other than our own opinions. So, yes, controversy.

Local magazine "Flash" wrote us up under the gorgeous headline "Hollywood meets Freakshow!" which is sort of amusing and sort of makes me want to take up arson.

Aloysius and I read the evening news

I did however have a great time performing, it was very inspiring, very challenging but very fulfilling. The tech was bare bones, there was very little preparation time and the performance space itself was a touch unsuitable but nonetheless it was a very worthwhile experience. The feedback was so incredible, really touching, I think people really got something from the stories and songs, I can't express the relief I felt when I realized that people were actually enjoying it! Even after so many years of doing this, I am still so deeply nervous when it comes to presenting work in an unfamiliar context, but I am so glad I did.

One final thing, organizer and performer Mandy Romero said something that really caught my imagination during the final show. She said that in a digital age everything is 0 and 1, that that is the basis of computer language, something is either on or off, apparently. She argued that trans people and trans art was a way of rebelling against that either/or mentality, and resisting a potentially dangerous binary in which everything is either compelled or forbidden.

Yes, lover, we are the last vestige against fascism.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jesus has no gender now.

This is a new monologue which I will debut tomorrow in Köln, as the end segment of my performance. I thought I'd share it with you.

Picture by Joshua Kristal from Notorious Beauty, NYC, 2008

UPDATE: http://11moments.org/live/ will stream the performance at roughly 8pm (C.E.S.T) on Sat 11th June and for a short while afterwards it will be viewable on their site.

"I wake up sometimes and it’s on my mind, I think about it all of the time, my failure to surrender, my victory sustained at such cost, 'Kiss Me Hardy.' I remember lying next to you in bed, early in the morning, not long before dawn, and kissing you, and you saying to me, 'I don’t think I want this anymore, I don’t think I want this. I need someone who is more of a man.' More of a man, then? Less of a woman, then? And I remember other times, other lovers who have embraced me, whom I have embraced, and I hear their voices played back too. How often have I been told, 'I’m really sorry but, I only really date real girls.'

What is a real girl, what is the measure of reality anyway? Some miniscule chromosomal difference, some reshaping of nerve endings, some designated parking area. I can’t be that, I have no fixity, I am only a person.

And did I ever say I was anything else? No. It was you who imagined me a gender, and it is you who have disappointed yourself. I never said I was any kind of man, I never said I was any kind of woman, I barely claim to be human, I hardly know if I exist. But you somehow believe that because I am neither exhibit A or exhibit B, that I am less than a man and less than a woman, without realizing the tragedy of your logic. I am not less than either, I am more than both. I am the interface, Ich bin Zwillinge, I am all of your strengths and all of your weaknesses, so if you want to slander me then go ahead. I can take it, and more, I am a saint coated in the filth of this world, which has given me a radiant sheen, and all of your ignorance is washed away with the rain. You are no more than poster paint on marble, you wipe clean, I am immortal. I was here first and I will be here last, because we are God’s people, Jesus has no gender now.

Get up, go home, be gone. I don’t meet the expectations you want to force on me, I’m too tall, my breasts are too small, I don’t smell right, well I don’t apologise for any of that and as the door closes behind you, all I have to do is leave my physicality behind, on the shore, and step into the boat. 'Hello Charon.' "

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gary Farrelly of New Obsessive

Art and culture movement New Obsessive have a new interview with Alexander up right now. Interviewer Gary Farrelly is something of a right-wing sex bomb, so the results are, interesting. Here's a highlight:

GF: Do you remember our first encounter? What was your first impression of your interrogator?
A: I remember it well, you had an erection. Actually, so did I.

GF: How are you liking the 21st Century? Do you feel at home in 2011?
A: To put it bluntly, no. I can’t help feeling that all the interesting people are either dead or have gone into hiding. Wilde put it perfectly when he asked, “Why was I born with such contemporaries?”

And the rest is here: http://newobsessive.blogspot.com/2011/06/interrogating-alexander.html


I'm excited to be off to Köln on Friday to take part in the Exchange Radical Moments Live Art festival, as part of Mandy Romero's project, Tranny Hotel. I'm showing extracts from my three solo shows, a preview if you will, of the theatrical retrospective I'm putting up in Feb 2012 in London.

Full details on Tranny Hotel are here: http://exchangeradicalmoments.wordpress.com/about/

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Alexander and Light Asylum

The fourth interview in an occasional series for Out There Magazine by Alexander, this time with the darkly incroyable Light Asylum. Enjoy.

In Sedes

Alexander has a 4 week residency at The Silver Future in Berlin, throughout July with special guests Mary Ocher, Nikolaj Tange-Lange, G-dmother and Ralf Thießies.

The artwork "Portrait of Alexander as a Faberge Egg" is by Stevie Hanley and the full dates are here: http://www.thisisalexander.com/live