Saturday, April 30, 2011

Queer Zagreb!

Alexander is in Croatia having a wild old time at the Queer Zagreb festival. Last night the infamous Pussy Faggot! party rolled into town with Earl Dax, Penny Arcade, Joel Gibb and A Man To Pet . It was a cosmic evening, I think we were a spark to the powder keg of something wild and wonderful.

I really felt that I was seeing something happen, there was no cynicism only enthusiasm and a real joy that something as mad and beautiful as this could happen in a country in which being gay is HARD WORK. People are afraid to be themselves, attacks are not uncommon, I heard several sad stories about homophobic violence last night told with courage laced through them and the hope that together we can change our world.

Here's a little pre-show chat from the opening night of the festival (video one) and another clip which shows the ABSOLUTE INSANITY the party descended into (the last 2/3s of the second clip.

Also, and quite bizarrely, there are Alexander pin badges on sale here for a rather modest 10 Kuna. Cheap at 'alf the price.

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