Monday, April 11, 2011

Back in Town

Lovers, Alexander plays his next show this Thursday, April 14th at Südblock in Kreuzberg, alongside UhOh. Come along, there'll be two new songs debuted.

Also, there's a new interview with Alexander on Catch Fire this week. Here's an extract:

If “Alexander” were preceded by an article in German, would it be “der”, “das” or “die”? How does the concept of gender fit into your art, or life in general?

I think gendered articles and pronouns are tiresome, it’s like constantly being squeezed into a corner with every sentence. My friend Theo (Adams) came up with the great idea to say “tree” instead of he or she – isn’t that great? As in, “Tree looks great in that Ryan Trecartin video but tree still owes me five euros, and tree’d better cough up SOON.” My own attitude to gender is basically, “must we?” I feel like I’m humoring the less capable by playing along, so I don’t.

My artistic output is always about gender in one way or another, from lyrical references to adopting a somewhat satirical, pose on stage. Stage shows require you to be a little Heideggerian I think, you chose one thing to be to the exclusion of all other things, and become it. Onstage I have a specific gender but offstage I have many.

And the full thing is here.

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