Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Anna Lewenhaupt

Amazingly a moment of spare time was just gifted to me by the universe, and I decided to spend it musing on the multitudinous talents of Anna Lewenhaupt. She's a visual artist, a performer, a model and a speaker of five languages, why she hasn't written her memoirs yet I don't know. Maybe she's still too young, that must be it, she certainly has enough stories to tell.

Once she and I went out on a rampage in ball gowns and fake blood only to end up completely lost and wandering the streets terrifying passers by. Eventually we found a party, neither of us were sure if it was the party we were actually looking for but by that point we didn't care. We entered what looked like a derelict brothel, walked about calling out to anyone who might show us in, but the only person we saw was a rather robust and panicked looking tranny who burst out in the corridor from a locked door insisisting, "No, no, nothing's going on in there!" We didn't argue, or look for evidence to the contrary, but rather continued further on into the bizarre labyrinth we had stumbled into. On the top floor we finally found signs of life, in the form of a purple lit room with a man asleep in a sex swing and another collapsed on the bar. In the background the tranny from the corridor was slow dancing with a dowager, generally the whole scene had us convinced we were on the set of a David Lynch film.

So maybe that's where she gets her influences, for her cinematic, sculptural, psychosexual illustrations. But I say, see for yourself lover,

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