Saturday, April 30, 2011

Queer Zagreb!

Alexander is in Croatia having a wild old time at the Queer Zagreb festival. Last night the infamous Pussy Faggot! party rolled into town with Earl Dax, Penny Arcade, Joel Gibb and A Man To Pet . It was a cosmic evening, I think we were a spark to the powder keg of something wild and wonderful.

I really felt that I was seeing something happen, there was no cynicism only enthusiasm and a real joy that something as mad and beautiful as this could happen in a country in which being gay is HARD WORK. People are afraid to be themselves, attacks are not uncommon, I heard several sad stories about homophobic violence last night told with courage laced through them and the hope that together we can change our world.

Here's a little pre-show chat from the opening night of the festival (video one) and another clip which shows the ABSOLUTE INSANITY the party descended into (the last 2/3s of the second clip.

Also, and quite bizarrely, there are Alexander pin badges on sale here for a rather modest 10 Kuna. Cheap at 'alf the price.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


In celebration of Easter there's a new Alexander track streaming for the rest of the weekend. It's called "Raised a Christian" and it's a collaboration with Snax, you can hear it below:
Raised A Christian by thisisAlexander


The phosphorescent gleam
Supermarkets in summer.
When the shelves are silent and the air is welcomingly cool
And one can almost swim
through the aisles.
The relief is palpable,
lebensmittel amiable
and coins seem to roll so much further.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Alexander in Berlin PT.2

Here's an interview between Alexander and Stevie Hanley for the culture blog at Out There Magazine.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Anna Lewenhaupt

Amazingly a moment of spare time was just gifted to me by the universe, and I decided to spend it musing on the multitudinous talents of Anna Lewenhaupt. She's a visual artist, a performer, a model and a speaker of five languages, why she hasn't written her memoirs yet I don't know. Maybe she's still too young, that must be it, she certainly has enough stories to tell.

Once she and I went out on a rampage in ball gowns and fake blood only to end up completely lost and wandering the streets terrifying passers by. Eventually we found a party, neither of us were sure if it was the party we were actually looking for but by that point we didn't care. We entered what looked like a derelict brothel, walked about calling out to anyone who might show us in, but the only person we saw was a rather robust and panicked looking tranny who burst out in the corridor from a locked door insisisting, "No, no, nothing's going on in there!" We didn't argue, or look for evidence to the contrary, but rather continued further on into the bizarre labyrinth we had stumbled into. On the top floor we finally found signs of life, in the form of a purple lit room with a man asleep in a sex swing and another collapsed on the bar. In the background the tranny from the corridor was slow dancing with a dowager, generally the whole scene had us convinced we were on the set of a David Lynch film.

So maybe that's where she gets her influences, for her cinematic, sculptural, psychosexual illustrations. But I say, see for yourself lover,

Monday, April 11, 2011

Back in Town

Lovers, Alexander plays his next show this Thursday, April 14th at Südblock in Kreuzberg, alongside UhOh. Come along, there'll be two new songs debuted.

Also, there's a new interview with Alexander on Catch Fire this week. Here's an extract:

If “Alexander” were preceded by an article in German, would it be “der”, “das” or “die”? How does the concept of gender fit into your art, or life in general?

I think gendered articles and pronouns are tiresome, it’s like constantly being squeezed into a corner with every sentence. My friend Theo (Adams) came up with the great idea to say “tree” instead of he or she – isn’t that great? As in, “Tree looks great in that Ryan Trecartin video but tree still owes me five euros, and tree’d better cough up SOON.” My own attitude to gender is basically, “must we?” I feel like I’m humoring the less capable by playing along, so I don’t.

My artistic output is always about gender in one way or another, from lyrical references to adopting a somewhat satirical, pose on stage. Stage shows require you to be a little Heideggerian I think, you chose one thing to be to the exclusion of all other things, and become it. Onstage I have a specific gender but offstage I have many.

And the full thing is here.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Billy Cheer

You can read the desperately exciting conversation between Billy Cheer and Alexander at the Pussy Faggot website. Here's a little snippet:

Alexander: Pizza or ice cream?

Billy: Pizza, but that’s like choosing a parent, or something. Cats or dogs?

Alexander: Cats—no contest. What’s worse to be kept awake by: someone snoring or lousy music?

Billy: Lousy music, ugh! What’s your favorite color?

Alexander: Lavender, with duck egg a close second. Showers or baths?

Billy: Showers solo; baths are for lovers. Favorite smell?

Alexander: I love the smell of rose, it’s so grandiose. Favorite porn star?

Billy: Carolee Schneemann. Favorite city?

Alexander: I couldn’t chose from any of the places I’ve lived, so I’m going to say the Emerald City. Faith or Listen Without Prejudice?

Billy: Faith, weirdly enough. What’s for dinner?

Alexander: I wish it were avocado something, but none of mine are ripe yet. THEN or NOW?

Billy: Always. Did you see anything you liked at the Fall fashion shows?

Alexander: Andrej Pejic.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Hop on over

My dear friend Alexander has taken up a post as blogger for Out There magazine, reporting from Berlin on cultural events. His first assignment was to cover the opening of Iwajla Klinke's "Ritual Memories" at Styx gallery. He spoke to the artist about grave robbery, Liz Taylor and of course, her work, he tells me it was fun. You can read the full interview betweeen Iwajla and Alexander here.