Thursday, March 10, 2011

Review 2

From Cliff Joannou at QX

"LONG BEFORE THE arrival of chav couture and the rise of council chic, La JohnJoseph was unwittingly piecing together his latest theatrical offering through the every day life stories of his family and friends. Once upon a time the ‘council house community’ was flippantly sidelined by the snooty middle and upper classes of England as
the embarrassing underbelly of our Great Nation, deemed as having little or no contribution to UK culture (thank you Mrs Thatcher). Today we are well aware that some of the most influential cultural movements, from fashion to music, have all come out of what would once have been dismissively tagged as the ‘working classes’.

Step up La JohnJoseph, Liverpool's own council house hero with a pink tinge! Possessing masterful use of language and through subtle invocations in his voice and movements, JohnJoseph welcomes us into his early life. One of eight children, with a
mother who married five times, his childhood was expectantly fraught with unsuitable role models, a sexually invasive step father, and a search to find identity in a home life that was neither stable nor at first supportive of a young, effeminate gay man.

It’s through this social environment that La JohnJoseph dissects the most extraordinary
moments of his youth into a curious spotlight on family, friendship and how some of the most seemingly unsuitable scenarios can carry the most poignancy. His acute imitations are the strength of the performance here, from his first experiences
of the Liverpool gay scene and the local drag queen that imparted sage advice on a young JohnJoseph, to the moment he stumbles back home in the early
hours to find his mother sitting on the front door step, locked out of her own home.
The humour here is not always explosively hilarious with every punch line, instead JohnJoseph executes a subtle and sincere observation of the beautiful and bizarre nature of everyday life.

A true star in ascendance, La JohnJoseph has a stratospheric future ahead of him."

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