Sunday, March 6, 2011


And so we reach closing night, sold out again, and with a very intensely reflective audience. Not so uproarious as Thursday night but listening carefully all the same. For me it was a long slog of a show, but the audience didn't seem to feel that, the feed back has been amazing, the people I've met after the shows or who have emailed me in the last few days have had really wonderful and heartfelt things to say. I'm glad it touched so many people as it has, and I'm glad that we had the tenacity to keep going with the production when it seemed entirely overwhelming.

I am extremely grateful to Jack, Jordan, Stevie and Jeffrey for all of their work on the show, it really has been a group effort and they all went above and beyond the call of duty. Thanks to the Oval House for having us and to everyone who wrote about the show and who came to see it. No shout outs however to slacker hipster drama queens who hassle you for free tickets and then don't show up...thank goodness for box office returns, eh?

Hit set designer Stevie Hanley with his mosaic stain glass rat disco window arch

Hit director Jeffrey Gordon Baker sets the props


Thestyleatavist said...

Darling your performance was outstanding the other night so inspiring and beautiful...

La JohnJoseph said...

Thank you! That is very kind of you to say, and thanks for coming! X