Friday, March 4, 2011


Tonight we changed the last third of the show around, switching scenes and giving it a more definite ending. Of course I tripped over the scenery at the climax, but such is life. The house was totally full again tonight, the audience responded quite differently as is their want, and I felt really quite calm. I'm not drinking before shows anymore which is not full Joan I know, but seems to be working for me. I could even say I enjoyed performing the show, which I never imagined I would since it's so laboriously gruesome. I'm glad I kept the section about Catholic relief workers, as Stevie suggested, because it really does lift the show and forms a nice counterpoint to a lot of the bleaker material. Stevie also took this hit picture of the musicians and I - aren't I lucky to work with such handsome men? Not to mention their talents! Neither of them have any, so let's not.

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