Friday, January 28, 2011


Well, I'm off to the yUK for six weeks of hit shows, all of which are listed below.

I'll be popping up around town at other people's shindigs too but the main impetus of the trip is to present my play "Underclass Hero" for three nights at the Oval House theatre. Incredibly you can book tickets HERE now!

I'm very excited about UCH this time around, I have two live musicians working on a soundscape and a new set design, all of which I intend to reveal as they come together. I'm going to really blog the process. "Blog the process", best t-shirt slogan of 2011, already, right?

Feb 10th: David Hoyle Lives at the RVT

Feb 15th: Boom Boom Club

March 3/4/5: Underclass Hero at Oval House

March 19: Duckie

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