Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Year in pictures: 2010

Well, what a year this has turned out to be. It started with a Derek Jarman marathon and ended with a nice little hat trick of features in Out There, Tetu and Attitude. Along the way I've visited Warsaw, Cornwall and Edinburgh for the first time and spent a lot more time in Berlin that I had expected. I had some rather hair-raising moments (running the gauntlet between the Nazis and the Catholics at EuroPride in Poland was no fun), some rather lovely ones (holding my new nice for the first time), some rather huge arguments and some entirely unexpected tenderness. The Winter was contemplative, the Spring was constructive, the Summer was unfeasibly busy, and Autumn brought me great satisfaction - all in all a solid year.

En route to Chantal's House of Shame, Berlin (by Gerry Visco), street style, Manchester

Onstage with Alexander, Berlin


Shooting in the snow, Berlin

Zohar's birthday

Dressing for the Tranny Olympics

Onstage for "Good Morning, This Evening!", London

Pet Cemetery, Cornwall

Backstage at the Barbican

Thurnham Hall, Lancashire

Hauptbanhof, Berlin

POP magazine, Spring Studios

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Time Out Live, London

Tete a Tete Opera Festival, London

"Underclass Hero" at the Hot August Fringe

Out There magazine (by Adrian Lourie)

Eat Your Heart Out, Camden People's Theatre

With Bruce Benderson on set for Tetu

Berlin Fashion Week

Backstage in Warsaw (by Stevie Hanley)

Bodypainting session with Scottee in Camden

Charing Cross (by Earl Dax)

Christmas Day

Leaving the Attitude birthday party, London

Next year, God willing, the music of Alexander will FINALLY be out there in the big bad world. Plus "Underclass Hero" is getting another showing in London, and I'll be back at the Summer festivals. See you there!

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