Friday, September 3, 2010

The Other Woman

Portrait of Alexander as a Faberge Egg

My dear friend Stevie Hanley (and subject of many a blog post) has just started showing work at
September Gallery
, on of Berlin's best art spaces. He is part of a group show "Thema Frau", which has it's private view tonight, so if you're in Berlin you should check it out.

One of the pieces he is showing is the above portrait of my disco alter-ego, Alexander, and it's available through the gallery for the bargain price of 700euros. You're not really supposed to talk about money and art are you? Oh well.

I'm really interested in the title of the show (Theme Woman), especially in "appearing" as part of it. I've been musing on using the title of "The Other Woman" for a project, and so this is all wonderfully serendipitous isn't it? Especially as I consider Alexander to be my drag King persona, me dressed up as a boy and crooning disco songs. I like to reconfigure the multitude of possible poses within humanity, you see lover. Being The Other Woman is obviously about being someone's secret mistress, but also, about being the other form of woman. You could be reductivist and say, "the other form of woman is man", but that would miss the point.

I am the other woman, not a woman, but I am not a man either; my atomic substructure is virtually identical to both of those more traditional forms of being but it is not experienced as either. Here I am, regardless. I could easily be The Other Man, only then there's no pun involved (at least in English) is there? We understand the other woman, in terms of extra-marital relations, as so, by first accepting that a man already possesses one woman, and the second is the added extra. In declaring myself as The Other Woman I'm acknowledging my peripheral status as on the fringes of both gender and, more often than usual, other people's relationships. And maybe also putting forth the case for further options.

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I can't believe I just uncovered this jewel now! Its beautiful JohnJoseph!