Saturday, July 3, 2010


Surprise Surprise!

Today was Gay Pride in London. I "marched" with the Protest the Pope coalition, it was all rather strange. 75% of the way through I skipped out to get some shower gel from L'Occitane. That's not a metaphor, there was a sale on.

My homegirls

I was terribly tired and terribly ill-prepared for a parade of any sort and felt decidedly out of the loop. I confess that I get excited by the idea of the Pride parade but the actuality is a bust.

"There are gay soldiers you know!"
"Is that something to be proud of?"
"Gay people can kill too!"
"Well yes, we know that don't we? We know they make excellent hair stylists, celebrity best friends and sex murderers."

On the upside, it is nice that once a year (well twice if you include Halloween) I'm not the person in the most ludicrous outfit.

Elizabeth R on a fag break

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