Thursday, July 1, 2010

My new show: Underclass Hero

Design: Elana Schlenker
Image: Adrian Lourie
(You can click on it so see it bigger btdubz).

My new show is taking its first steps into the world at the RVT Hot August Fringe this Summer. For two nights, on July 3rd and 10th, I'll be telling all about my life as an underage, oversexed Catholic on one of Liverpool's most glamorous council estates. Plus there's reworked classics from Suede, Bowie and Broken Social Scene, as well as "A Psychopath" by Lisa Germano, obviously.

I've finished the script and have learned the first 25%, which at a month out is pretty good going. I promise to know at least 75% of it by the time the curtains part at show time. Honestly though, I'm quite nervous about it since it's a very honest piece about a lot of very taboo things, like poverty and domestic violence. The sort of things that aren't spoken about, not because they're too controversial, but rather because no-one thinks they're worth talking about. Well, lover, I do.

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