Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More on "Underclass Hero"

Well lovers, it's right around the corner now, less than a week until my new hit show debuts at the RVT.

QX have a little preview of the show here on page 30, Time Out made it critic's choice here, plus you can WIN TICKETS via Run Riot here, and finally here's a little backstage interview on the P.I.X fanzine website.

Really, I'm too good to you.


Yesterday Scottee and I did a preview at the RVT of our shows at the HOT Festival, you can listen to it here, it's very informative.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Underclass Hero

It's just over a week until I debut my new hit show at the Hot August Fringe. Obviously this is both exciting and terrifying, and I'd love you to come and see it. I have a new band, The Desperate Housewives, who are really great and are making the songs I've chosen really vibrant. Which is just as well because parts of this show are really bloody depressing. Am I selling it to you? Am I?

You can book tickets here.

And here's a bonus picture by Adrian Lourie, whom I love.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Warsaw this week

Hello lovers, I'm currently in Berlin but as of Tuesday I'll be in Poland for EuroPride. I've never been to Poland so I'm excited, if anxious to go to a city with such a reputation for terrorizing queers. Ho-hum. I now have two shows, so if this is your part of the world come check it out. If not, I'll be sure to report all the backstage gossip here.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

It happened today.

I always wanted to write about travel.

So now I am.

And these are the things I never travel without: A miniature icon of the Virgin Mary from the monastery at the top of the island of Hydra, Kiehls miniatures, luggage scales, a copy of "Elevator Girls in Bondage" signed by Rumi, Aloysius my teddy bear, the antique tie pin set with a pearl my sister gave me, oversized Versace sunglasses. Mixed messages I know.

I think that I'd be the perfect candidate to write a feature on travel for the superstitious and idiosyncratic.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Yes, that's it, right THERE.

I saw this today and wanted to share it.
Two of my all time heroines (who I am also honored to call friends) Rumi Missabu and Justin Bond, pictured together in San Francsisco.
SF is a Gemini city you know. Other cities ruled by Gemini include London (no, really) and Bruges. Oh, and Versailles, which I think is only logical really.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Surprise Surprise!

Today was Gay Pride in London. I "marched" with the Protest the Pope coalition, it was all rather strange. 75% of the way through I skipped out to get some shower gel from L'Occitane. That's not a metaphor, there was a sale on.

My homegirls

I was terribly tired and terribly ill-prepared for a parade of any sort and felt decidedly out of the loop. I confess that I get excited by the idea of the Pride parade but the actuality is a bust.

"There are gay soldiers you know!"
"Is that something to be proud of?"
"Gay people can kill too!"
"Well yes, we know that don't we? We know they make excellent hair stylists, celebrity best friends and sex murderers."

On the upside, it is nice that once a year (well twice if you include Halloween) I'm not the person in the most ludicrous outfit.

Elizabeth R on a fag break

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Point Is

I make autobiographical theatre, memoir shows, that use my own life as a device to open up larger discussions on the nature of power, disenfranchisement and the struggle for rectification. I write these shows because if I don't, no-one will, I do it to prove that I'm here and to acknowledge my own existence from the sidelines to which I am constantly relegated. There is a whole queer history that is unrecorded, that gets eradicated every day, if we don't take the time to record it, it will be as though we never were.

I don't do it because I think that my life is wildly interesting, but because I think everyone's life is. And furthermore we can extrapolate out from the specific to the universal, but we need a place to start, ie the personal. It's not easy, and it's not always entertaining, but entertainment is for clowns and strippers who do it far better than writers. It's unthinkably hard to say the things that have to be said to talk about the terrible, horrible things that happen, and to do so without ironizing them, to be frank and poignant and respectful.

Anyone can make a cheap joke.

It's hard to sit through weeks of self-doubt as you write out your script, then weeks more of rehearsal and anxiety as you try to hang it all together, wracked with the fear that it's just no good. Harder still is going onstage to talk about the most profoundly personal things, trying to connect with people, make a spark, and knowing that all your work is at the mercy of their mood.

But the worst thing is to be maligned by petty people who are apparently in the trenches with you. It's like being stabbed in the back, it is being stabbed in the back. And it's so stupid, it's divide and conquer, this is how the majority rules the minorities, through their own ignorant, fractious behaviors. Why must the bullied go on to bully? If we got together to help each other we could achieve far more than we can in our vacuous bubbles of self-importance, no? I've seen so much mudslinging of late, so much deliberate slandering and deliberate degrading of people's work in entirely unconstructive, vindictive manners that it makes me want to ditch this whole process and start auditioning for soap operas instead.

But I won't. I'm going to stick it out, participate and celebrate everyone for everything they do.

My new show: Underclass Hero

Design: Elana Schlenker
Image: Adrian Lourie
(You can click on it so see it bigger btdubz).

My new show is taking its first steps into the world at the RVT Hot August Fringe this Summer. For two nights, on July 3rd and 10th, I'll be telling all about my life as an underage, oversexed Catholic on one of Liverpool's most glamorous council estates. Plus there's reworked classics from Suede, Bowie and Broken Social Scene, as well as "A Psychopath" by Lisa Germano, obviously.

I've finished the script and have learned the first 25%, which at a month out is pretty good going. I promise to know at least 75% of it by the time the curtains part at show time. Honestly though, I'm quite nervous about it since it's a very honest piece about a lot of very taboo things, like poverty and domestic violence. The sort of things that aren't spoken about, not because they're too controversial, but rather because no-one thinks they're worth talking about. Well, lover, I do.