Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'm a Survivor, I'm not gone give up.

X-ray of an arrow through the skull of a boy

I'm feeling very inspired by Henry V these days. As a 16 year old whilst battling on the battlefield, he was shot through the face with an arrow and survived. THAT's gangsta. It pierced his skull and only narrowly missed severing his spinal cord and jugular, and when physicians tried to remove it, it snapped. The arrow head was thus left inside his skull and had to be extracted back up through the wound, by John Bradmore a blacksmith who was released from prison (on charges of counterfeiting coins) to perform the operation. He invented a brand new piece of medical equipment to perform this daunting task, and somehow managed to save the life of Prince Hal, who lived to ascend to the throne and win the battle of Agincourt, which as you'll all know was a very big deal. It was the Wigstock of the 1400s so to speak.

Henry V

Though he survived, King Henry's face scarred badly, which is why the only contemporary portrait shows only the left side of his face - like Mariah Carey before she learned to love herself etc etc.

That's actually the left side she's hiding isn't it?

Obviously this is a fascinating, if gory, moment of historical well-i-never in its own right, but more over it reminds me of my dear friend Max Steele, who has been having the worst dental trouble of all time ever since his tooth was snapped by an inept dentist last Summer. Pain in your head is maddening right? And sickening, and really psychologically unsettling, and so reading about Prince Hal gives me great hope for Lady Steele's inevitable rise to greatness. Nothing, not tedious day jobs, nor unfit dental workers can hold her back.

Max Steele's mouth, 2010

Also, I'm remembering the lyric in "Heroes" when Bowie sings; "I can remember standing by the wall. And the guns shot over our heads, and we kissed like nothing could fall." I saw Michael Clark's "Come, Been, Gone" last night and the great tranny fucker himself was indeed a central inspiration for the work, popping up and doing "Heroes" onscreen at one point. Art, ladies and gentlemen.