Sunday, May 23, 2010

If you only do one thing this week!

The divah

Dear all, my outrageously overproductive friend and mentor Earl Dax is currently putting together THE most staggering new show - and he needs your help. That's right lover, your help.
Earl Dax

Known for his intercontinental work as a producer and curator, on shows such as Weimar New York and Tingel Tangel, Earl is creating a new show called "The Z Chromosome" with the original downtown diva, the indestructible international chanteuse that is Joey Arias. Joey of course scored a huge off-Broadway hit last year with "Arias with a Twist" - a show that prompted the NY TImes to splutter, "Eat your heart our Madonna." And the costumes will come courtesy of Thierry Mugler! Fresh from Beyonce's world tour and 30 years of fashion history Mr Mugler is putting his titanium hot mind to work on some thrilling designs for Ms Arias.

Mugler and Arias

SERIOUSLY it doesn't come more exciting than this, and all that's needed is a mere $7,000 to make it work. You can be a part of showbiz history by pledging any amount from $12 to $10,000 online at . Not only will you get the delicious sensation that accompanies the knowledge that you're doing something wonderful for the world, but you will also get fabulous thank yous from the creative team; CDs, t-shirts, tickets to the show, all depending on the amount you pledge. But hurry! There's only six days left to help make this wonderous vision a reality. Sorry, a surreality.

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