Monday, February 15, 2010

Fab Frocks by Jordan Hunt

Thought I should catalogue these divine designs by Renaissance person Jordan Hunt. In addition to composing, teaching, playing, performing, choreographing and curating, he also dresses the stars.

We started making ensembles together about four years ago, initially for The Irrepressibles (basically consisting of a lot of old shirts) and have since worked together on a number of sartorial projects. Sometimes he has a quite spontaneous idea to turn a soprano's size 20 ballgown upside down and make of it a cocktail dress, sometimes he hangs a design on a narrative concept and beavers away on it for a week, other times thinks purely in terms of shape and color.

His unique combination of Catholic guilt/masochism, improvised techniques, abstract approach to a constrained budget, and genuine love of clothes always make for a very interesting end product. Often terribly bad for the environment and usually impossible to get off, his wearable artworks are nonetheless striking and always exciting to perform in. And of course we often perform together in these get-ups - he was actually the person concealed in my skirts at the Opera House. That makes him the person under the dress as well as behind it. There's nothing in The Fashion System about that is there Monsieur Barthes?

Gold ruff for Fantasia by Ulli Richter.

Midnight Blue cocktail dress to emcee Voluptuous Panic.

Paper ball gown for our Vissi d'Arte performance at the Royal Opera House

Circus dress for Paloma Faith's ICA gig

My we're cute!

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