Monday, November 23, 2009

Counter-Cultural Heroin

(Image: Timberlina by David Windmill)

I was musing earlier today about the fabulous creatures who populate the spheres in which I travel. I decided, very wisely ladies and gentlemen, to spend LESS energy on the people whose existences depress me, and MORE on people whose existences thrill me. So, I dedicate this post, number one in an occasional series, to Miss Timberlina.

Why is Timberlina such a delight? Well, she's involved in everything from Bingo Pub Night at the RVT every week, to high-brow curatorial endeavors at the V&A lover, one of which is coming up on the 27th. There's something very charming, and very her, about an artist who works wherever there is work to be done. Her policy of appearing whenever the bat signal goes up is reflected in her look, "The queen of alternative style" say Time Out. Said style is a mixture of '70s secretary, '80s aerobic instructor and '90s TV personality, often simultaneously, and with a beard.

There's something marvelously flamboyant and spontaneous about Timberlina, but also considered, because girl, believe, she knows what she's about. For another side of the dodecahedron that is Ms T, is the art's council funded, Pride Legacy Project, designed to "provide services and facilities to curate and monitor Lesbian and Gay cultural representation and awareness across the heritage and creative sectors in programming, education, audience development and employees as part of broad diversity best practice in preparation for the Single Equality Act."

I think that's my favourite aspect of her, there are surprisingly few people on the fringes of this cultural outcropping who are as well read as she, and as you must know by now, I doff my pill box to a brainy bitch. So here's to Miss Timberlina!

(Image: Timberlina and Fancy Chance having a picnic.)

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