Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Where you'll find me next.

You may like to celebrate the opening of the hallway between this world and the next at Le Chateau d Barbe-Bleue, the night before Halloween (on which evening you will obviously want to be wearing a skeleton mask which you bought for 20p from a supermarket and drinking too much hooch). Anyway, tickets are available here for a rather modest £40, and I will be undead on the door.

A week later it's a double bill.

On the 5th of November I'm at the Boom Boom Club, at the Bath House in Liverpool St. It's a mix of burlesque, cabaret, songs, you know, my old home ground, only I'm going disco.

Then it's time for the annual Act Art Festival, this year themed "Children of the Damned". (Rumors that the title is a reference to my niece, are as yet unconfirmed). That's November 6th, it's sort of a compendium of what's happening in London on a certain scene, with the added bonus of many international artists giving rare UK performances.

Because she's worth it.

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