Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Infinite Variety

The theatre, the theatre!
What rule book says theatre must insist only inside some ugly building?
Do you want to know what theatre is? A flea circus. Also, opera.
Also rodeos, carnivals, the ballet, native America tribal dances, Punch and Judy, a one man band - all theatre.
Wherever there is magic and make-belive, and an audience, there is theatre.
Donald Duck, Ibsen, and the Lone Ranger.
Sarah Bernhart and Sandra Bernhard, Poodles Hannefort, Kiki and Herb.
Penny Arcade, Peaches Christ, Pina Bausch, Lindsey Kemp, Legs Malone.
Flash mobs, David Blaine, Hampton Court Palace, Siegfrid and Roy, Lois Weaver - all theatre.
You don't understand them all, you don't like them all. Why should you?
The theatre is for everyone - including you - but not exclusively.
Don't approve or disapprove; it may not be your theatre but it's theatre, for somebody, somewhere.

(Adapted from "All About Eve" for "Infinite Variety", a new production I'm co-starring in, which opens this September in London).

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sssliska said...

.....oh what a lovely little chunk of truth....i am getting ready to start my 28th season at the infinitely fucked -up, tawdry-at-best, decaying institution know as the ny renaissance faire....not an actor but yes it IS theater on ALL of those counts....I am so very burned out on it but finding this small essay gives me a spark of will to go forth and watch the SHOW as it comes to see us....

i adore your work but can only see it in nyc ever....
I would LOVE to read that thesis you are writing....will it ever be available here?