Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Drag queens (and vogue balls) are currently the biggest thing in pop music; it seems like you can't be a pop star without a tranny in your video. Of course it's a time honored tradition, a trail blazed by Madonna and Annie Lennox, it's a pop video trope now, but never has it been so predominant. Roisin Murphy has club kid trannys in her Movie Star video, Florence and the Machine has one in Rabbit Heart,whilst Kelly Rowland and Ciara both have singles named for the ubiquitous queenly phrase, "Work". Beyonce of course has a whole drag identity in the guise of Sahsa Fierce, becoming at once her own fan, her own inspiration and her own replication.

Hats off to those artists excited to involve people of magical identities in their work, in front of the camera, but it does of course beg the question, "When will sisters do it for themselves?" It's been a longtime since Ru Paul sashayed into the charts.

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