Monday, April 6, 2009

LIVE via Satellite

Tonight in NYC, HOT! Festival Director and "downtown impresario" Earl Dax celebrates his birthday as only he knows how, with every freak in the tri-state area. Lest this seem too pedestrian he has also gone to great lengths to interface with me here in Greece, and there will be a live satellite link-up at some point in the proceedings. Expect shades of this:

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Brandon B. said...

guy (9:06:12 PM): you going to pussy faggot tonight?
brandon b (9:06:25 PM): Wow. Is that really the name of a venue? lol
guy (9:07:05 PM): it's earl dax's party for the opening of a queer performance festival at dixon place
guy (9:07:09 PM): kind of the event of the season
brandon b (9:07:25 PM): Ah, Dixon
brandon b (9:07:38 PM): JJ is going to be shown there via satellite
brandon b (9:07:45 PM): I forgot about that, sec
guy (9:08:58 PM): JJ?
brandon b (9:09:05 PM): John Joseph
guy (9:09:11 PM): still lost
brandon b (9:09:26 PM): He was the original event of the season at Dixon place.