Saturday, April 18, 2009

Insolent Noise

What amazes me more than anything about the British riot grrrls is that even though bands like Huggy Bear had a lot of exposure, the cover of Melody Maker, and national TV appearances in the yUK, the scene so quickly ate itself. I admire them for refusing to sign to EMI and make a record with Rick Rubin of course, but it's quite the tragedy that the genre dissipated amid the hype and hysteria of Brit pop and rave. In the US at least riot grrrl lived on down the line from Bikini Kill to Sleater Keaney, into things like Le Tigre and even Gravy Train! but in the UK?

Little to nothing remains.

So, I am greatly delighted to hear about two new bands who are mining the herstory to bring distortion and frenzied politics b-a-c-k. Riot T Girls (the brain child of Ryan Styles and Paul St Paul) and The Holy Roman Emperors are both on the rampage and may God have mercy on your soul because this time there's no escape and no MTV.

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