Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"The sublime young talent that is La JohnJoseph"

So sayeth Time Out London.

CLICK on the image to read this smashing article on my emotionally complicated affair with NYC. Then book your tickets to see my show on Thursday. Ta-dada!


MargOH! Channing said...

Hey Doll,

You are a talent for sure , a nice person and of course most importantly thin....LOL.. that goes a long way in NYC....

XO, MargOH!


I performed Liza's version of "What makes a man a man" in Providence on Saturday and when i walked off the stage a 20 year old twink grabbed me by the face and kissed me and told me he fell in love with me during the performance....that never happens in NYC...GO Figure!!

ryn said...

i cannot believe you don't live here.