Saturday, January 31, 2009

Time Out NY: What’s the secret to putting false eyelashes on right?

Liza Minnelli: I don’t know. I just slam them on. I have trouble sometimes. I think that the trick, after you put the glue on, is to round it to the shape of the eye so it has a little bit of a curve in it. Then, you look down—you don’t close your eye. And just try to get the first part in the middle at the eye line, okay? Then you work on everything else. I start on the inside, but it’s too hard for most people. Work from the middle. Right in the center, and then make sure you pull it out enough to get it over your own eyelash.

TONY: How did you come up with your hairstyle?

LM: You know what happened? Mia Farrow and I were best friends and we still are great friends. She had long hair and I had long, long hair, and I was doing the first nightclub thing that I did and they would put it in a chignon and they’d pin it and cement it to your head, put lacquer all over it, and if you waited too long before you took your hair down you couldn’t get the tangles out without hurting yourself. One night, people came backstage, so by the time I got home I was so angry at the pain I was going to have to go through, I picked the thing up and took scissors and cut it off. Then I immediately burst into tears for about three seconds.

TONY: What did you do?

LM: I thought, Daddy said there’s always a way to make something work. So I called my friend Mia. I had to tell her. I said, “Mia, the damndest thing just happened,” and she said, “No, I’ve got to tell you something—you know what I did? Listen to me! I cut all my hair off!” I said, “No, no —that’s what I was going to tell you!” She said, “Stay with me, we’ll figure it out.” She had done the same thing out of frustration. So we meet up and we go at each other with fingernail scissors and we just kept cutting. And I’ll never forget the first time she and I walked down a New York street—people yelled terrible things at us: “Dykes! Boys!” Because we had this short hair and nobody else had it. Zizi Jeanmaire’s hair was long. It was really funny. Isn’t that something? This was 1965, 66? ’67? Right before Twiggy. Actually, Vidal Sassoon was a very nice man and he saw my hair and said, “You know something? This can be great. It’s just a little chopped up.” So he got me in there and cut it properly.

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