Friday, January 9, 2009


Oxfam, Cleveleys, at 4.25 pm Thurs Jan 8th.

"Well what happen's with recyclables? Do they go in a landfill?"

"No, that's the point, they get recycled."

"Well what about when people get new bathrooms? Are they recycled?"

"No, well I guess they go in the landfill."

"And what about when people get new kitches? Do they get recycled?"

"No, they probably go in the landfill too?"

"Oh, how terrible."

"Oh, I don't know, I don't mind landfills really. Some of the nicest places I've seen are landfills that have been landscaped."

"A lady that I knew, that I was friendly with, well she lived in this lovely bungalow. Oh lovely it was, you know, just about twelve bungalows in a row and all old people, so you know, it was lovely. Well anyway, they had rats in the bungalow, lovely bungalow it was, so they got this rat catcher in and he got rid of them, but then they got more rats. Well, the rat catcher came back to the bungalow, and it was such a lovely bungalow, only a little row of twelve or so bungalows, and he says 'I'm not surprised you've got rats. You've got that river at the back there' (a little brook they used to call it) 'and the whole place is built on landfill.' The lady I was friendly with moved to a little flat by the sea."

"Well, you would do."

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brandon b. said...

I made some reference to New Jersey and landfills in the same sentence the other day to someone who I had just met -- literally moments before making this statement -- and he was apparently FROM New Jersey and did not find it funny at ALL. He has hated me ever since and always gives me that semi-polite but obviously stand-offish 'fuck-you' smile when I see him.

Anyways, I will forward this entry to him. Thank you.