Sunday, January 11, 2009

He said, She Said

I remember when we came to the town in the middle of nowhere that was entirely populated by models. Since no-one was buying clothes, because all the fashion houses had fled to Vichy with the rest of the collaborators, and advertising was banned, fashion models were now entirely useless. Some of them had successfully integrated with the robot population, they hardly noticed the difference (so used were they to an entirely inhuman way of living) but most of them became radical anarchists and set up their own radical communities.

It’s too bad that we lived in a world where dissent was as expected and necessary as death and taxes, except no-one paid taxes to a nonexistent government. To want anything other than total destruction, now that would have been radical. To walk amongst them we had to put on plastic cat masks, we didn’t want our faces to be seen, we didn’t want to be signed by an agency. As you put it; “Those who can’t, model, right?”

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