Saturday, January 17, 2009

Father of Hermaphroditus

Mercury is in retrograde again. Mercury is my ruling planet. Ergo my life is a shipwreck.

But do let's try to see the positive; here are some fascinating bits of floatsam relating to the celestial pull of Mercury and the children he guides.

They never remain still for very long and cannot be "pinned down" on anything. The Mercury character has a young, almost "Peter Panish" quality.

Mercury is also associated with merchants, commerce and mental pursuits. "Wheeling and dealing" fall within the jurisdiction of this do lying and cheating. It has been said that individuals born under the influence of Mercury are experts at "bursting the bubbles" of others, pricking the pretensions of those around them and forcing the re-examination of personal attitudes.

As a planetary influence, Mercury is neutral, displaying neither feminine nor masculine qualities

It symbolizes fluidity overcoming rigidity and is thus the champion of new beginnings, upsetting conventional attitudes and blazing trails for invention and change.

And lest we forget, one of Mercury's offspring (born to Venus) is the legendary Hermaphroditus, child of all sexes. I rest my case.

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brandon b. said...

That's very appropriate in relation to you. :)

My ruling planet happens to be Venus. Which I suppose is also appropriate, but..if I read right, does that make me your mom?

Boy this got awkward fast...